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Wedding Line Advice

Brian and Alison write,
I have a choice between our wedding at Powerscourt House and the nearby RitzCarlton. The menu and banqueting prices are similar but I have heard that there are no photographic opportunities at The RitzCarlton. What is your opinion?

Wedding Line, Both venues are excellent and itís true, Powerscourt House has a magnificent terraced garden which make a beautiful backdrop for photographs and video. The RitzCarlton features a walled courtyard that is good for photographic and video backgrounds. Depending on the numbers of guests The RitzCarlton can cater for a greater number of guests but both venues deliver full 5 star service and both have a great sense of space.

If your guest list exceeds 130 I would suggest that The RitzCarlton is more suited.

Derbhala McKenna writes,
I have been to a wedding in Kilshane House in Tipperary and am considering having my reception there in August 2009. My Mother thinks it is too far for our Kildare guests. Is Kilshane House suitable for weddings from Kildare and Dublin?

Wedding Line, Kilshane House is in Bansha, Tipperary and is very popular for guests from all over the country. I find that most wedding guests are making a weekend of the wedding so that many will travel down, check in and spend the following day enjoying the aftermath. The village of Bansha is near enough to find good guest house accommodation and the area has some outstanding scenery. I have heard only excellent feedback on Kilshane as a wedding venue.

Susan Quinn writes,
Any suggestions on a band that will play at our wedding in Co. Meath this December 27th. We had thought about Paddy Cole.

Wedding Line, Paddy is still one of the best entertainers in the business, but hurry, good musicians will be busier than you may think at this time of the year. The key to getting a good band is to get the advice of the hotel. It is important to establish that the band will start at an agreed time and have an equipment set-up that does not slow down the night. One of the commonest complaints is when the band uses too much amplification. The professionals will judge the mood of the wedding and know when to play a bit of rock n roll and when to slow the tempo down.

Naoibh from Malahide writes,
We have found a huge variation in the cost of wedding videography. Is there a standard rate for a full day?

Wedding Line, There is indeed a variation in costs. At the higher end a fully chaptered DVD with duplications will cost in the region of €1,500 for the full day. This usually starts at the brideís home or the church and goes all the way through till around 9 or 10 in the evening. The difference may be that fine editing and chapter production takes time and this will impact on the price. Essentially the video should be recorded as unobtrusively as possible. A good professional will capture all the essentials of the day and evening without being too noticeable. As this is our own particular business, we can say that the standard of professional videographers in Ireland is exceptionally high.

David McConnell and Siobhan Regan write,
Our photographer has asked us for payment in advance of our wedding, we thought it would be standard practise to pay for a product when we receive it. Do you have an opinion on this?

Wedding Line,Wedding Line. Most photographers will request a reasonable deposit at the booking stage and advise the client on the payment of the balance. In my experience it is not unreasonable to seek payment in advance or on the day of the wedding. The quality of the photographer will depend on you being absolutely satisfied with your finished album. A good photographer knows that every wedding leads to a word of mouth enhancing his or her reputation.

Christine Maher writes,
We are marrying at St. Marys Church in Sandyford. Is it a bit dark or did we see it on a dull day.

Wedding Line, St. Marys is a beautiful small Victorian church and is amply lit by daylight. The curate at St. Marys is particularly welcoming, but remember the aisle is quite narrow, so you will have to rehearse the walk down the aisle with your dad or whoever is giving you away. A tiny tip, whichever church you choose, make sure that the ushers encourage your guests to move to the front of the church.

Cathy Lacey, mother of the bride writes,
My daughter wants a horse and carriage from Donnybrook church to The Shelbourne Hotel. Is this too long a journey and what if it rains?

Wedding Line, A reputable Horse and Carriage will easily make the journey. The effect of a horse and carriage will give the guests time to get to The Shelbourne to get the bride and groom arriving. A horse and carriage will give the bride and groom the laugh of their lives regardless of traffic. Most of the rigs will have a rain canopy. One point, Donnybrook church is located on a dualway and the horse and carriage will have to depart from the rear of the church or else travel southbound and u turn to go onto the city bound lane.

Blackrock bride to be writes,
Who should start the procession down the aisle at the start of the wedding ceremony, bridesmaids or bride?

Wedding Line, In the older tradition the bride always preceded the bridesmaids but in recent years we have seen the American tradition of bridesmaids first. The important thing to remember is to wait till the bridesmaids are at the altar before the bride begins her procession. Another small tip, the bride is always on the groomís side when she processes. Whoever gives away the bride will not want to be in the middle, particularly if there is a train to the brideís gown.

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